Commercial Litigation

Commercial LitigationWhat is Commercial Law?

As discussed on our commercial law page, commercial laws supply the laws and regulations that merchants, and others involved in commerce, are required to adhere to as they engage in business or commercial transactions. The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) is the primary authority which governs commercial transactions. It directs the sales of goods and services, negotiable instruments, security interests, leases, principal and agent relationships, many types of contracts, and much more. In a real sense, commercial law encompasses many of the laws business lawyers address every day for their clients and is sometimes used synonymously with “business law”.

Commercial law generally includes legal issues that arise prior to the initiation of a lawsuit. By contrast, once a lawsuit is filed, the same issues are more properly characterized as litigation, which are handled by a commercial or business litigation attorney. Thus, broadly defined, commercial law lawyers help their clients negotiate and enter into business deals, whereas, business and commercial litigation lawyers help defend their interests in court when those deals go bad.

Aspects of Business Disputes Affected by Commercial Law:

  • Secured Transactions
  • Sales of Goods
  • Leases
  • Bulk Sales
  • Documents of Title
  • Investment Securities
  • Negotiable Instruments
  • Bank Deposits and Collections
  • Letters of Credit
  • Fund Transfers

Obtaining a positive outcome in a business dispute involving commercial law begins with defining what it looks like to “win”. Our commercial litigation lawyers begin by seeking all the facts of your case to garner a deep understanding of the situation, your business, and how the dispute or lawsuit may affect your business. We collaborate with you to map out a strategy for resolving disputes and then execute the plan to achieve the best possible results.

This may mean resolving your case before trial, through a demurrer, motion to dismiss, motion for summary judgment, or other means. In some cases, we may recommend taking the case to trial to argue in front of a judge or jury as the most cost-effective strategy, depending on the circumstances.

Why hire us for your commercial litigation case?

  • Our Southern California commercial litigation attorneys have a combined seven decades of commercial litigation expertise representing clients in business-related lawsuits. From small ownership disputes, to the complex commercial lawsuits. We have done it all with integrity and much success for our clients.
  • We are adept at identifying potential risks, determining the best possible course for contending with those possible pitfalls, and identifying the best strategy for obtaining a cost-effective resolution. Click here for recent articles we’ve written about commercial law matters we’ve handled.
  • We strive to make representation affordable through various fee arrangements and strategies, including contingency fee agreements, and through conservative billing practices.
  • Our most senior attorney has received and retained a coveted AV rating for more than 20 years.
  • Our experience includes nearly any type of commercial law dispute.
  • We will work diligently and to the full extent of our abilities and the law to help you obtain the best possible result.

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We provide each client with a detailed, honest appraisal of your case from the outset, as well as our best estimate of cost and chances of success. If you are struggling with a commercial law dispute or lawsuit, there is no reason to handle the matter on your own. An experienced commercial litigation attorney can explain how the law applies to your situation and help you determine a course of action designed to best protect your legal rights. Contact us for a free evaluation today.